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Üllo Wine Purifier Replacement Filters, 10 Pack

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Made from a food-grade, super-porous polymer, Selective Sulfite Capture™ filters work by removing sulfites and not the other things in wine.

This remarkable polymer is the magic behind Üllo, revealing the natural taste of wine without compromising its integrity.


    • 10 Individually sealed, Selective Sulfite Capture™ filters
    • Ullo wine purifier not included - sold separately



    • One filter purifies one bottle (750 ml) of wine
    • Made from a food-grade, BPA-free porous polymer
    • Shipping weight = 97g
    • Item weight = 49g





    • Where does the name Üllo come from and what does it mean?
      The name has its origins in historic alchemy symbols used by chemists. The symbol for purity was a “Ü” which reflects Üllo’s goal of bringing pure wine to everybody.
    • Does Üllo change the taste of wine?
      Sulfites have a distinctly harsh, bitter taste that is often noticeable in wine. Although levels vary, white wines tend to have more sulfites than reds. Taste tests show that a majority of tasters notice a difference.
    • What’s the filter made of?
      Üllo filters are made from a sophisticated material often used in industrial food processing and pharmaceutical APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Specifically, The filter is made from a food-grade, macroporous acrylic polymer. When activated, it captures free sulfites in wine by a reaction called covalent attachment.
    • How does the filter work?
      The Selective Sulfite Capture Filter is the magic of Üllo! When activated, it captures free sulfites in wine by a reaction called covalent attachment. The beauty of this chemistry is that the reaction is selective for the most reactive components of wine, the sulfites, and no unintended “products” are introduced into the wine during purification. That is, the filter removes only the sulfites without adding anything back in. That’s the magic of Selective Sulfite Capture™ and what sets Üllo apart in wine purification.
    • How often do I need to change the filter?
      Each Üllo Selective Sulfite Capture FilterTM is good for one bottle of wine (750ml). This is a consequence of the chemistry of the filter. Sulfites bind irreversibly to the filter and therefore once a filter becomes saturated with sulfites it can no longer bind additional sulfites from wine.
    • Is the filter material safe?
      Yes! The filter material is made with a food-grade safe polymer.
    • How should I store my filters?
      For best storage, filters should not be exposed to high heat and should not be left open to air before use.



    Please be advised that Üllo is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent reactions to sulfites.

    Those with a known allergy or sensitivity to sulfites should consult a medical professional before trying or using Üllo.