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Winesave mini

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Winesave on the go!

THE premium wine preserver, now ultra portable!

  • Peace of mind, now in the palm of your hand
  • Now, wine lovers can winesave anywhere
  • Maximum wine preservation, minimum size
  • Conveniently fits in your pocket or purse

The same winesave you love and trust:

  • Made with the same 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade argon gas
  • Comes with our lifetime guarantee to make opened bottles of wine last longer
  • Preserves opened bottles of wine for days, weeks, or even months
  • Works on all wine types - red, white, and even sparkling (with any locking stopper)

Now, even more convenient:

  • Now more than 75% smaller than our popular winesave PRO
  • Conveniently fits in your pocket, purse, any case of wine
  • Just grab n' go, great for picnics, barbecues, events, etc.
  • Includes easy-to-use flexible, ultra-repellent dispensing tube
  • Protects at least 15 bottles
  • 100% recyclable